Patriots Marching Band...

is a summer marching band that combines band members from St. Anthony Village High School and Spring Lake Park High School;

• is a high-level Arts-based performance experience which also teaches much about life beyond the Arts;

• teaches students to strive for excellence;

• represents the ultimate in "team" concept because everyone is always contributing:  no one sits out;

• stresses individuals' character development: commitment & responsibility, discipline, unselfishness, pride, dignity of all members, motivation, leadership, & self-esteem;

• teaches students to represent both their individual schools and the Patriots organization with pride, dignity, and class.

• performs in 6 to 8 competitive parades during the month of June and rehearse approximately 15 times from February-June.  We also take a trip to a major July 4th (or similar scale) parade each year.  This year, the trip is to Colorado.

Who can join?

All students enrolled at St. Anthony Village High School or Spring Lake Park High School, currently in grades 8-12, are eligible to be in Patriots.  Only SAV & SLP Band students are eligible for woodwinds, brass & drumline.  Others are eligible for Color Guard or Honor Guard.  Note:  While most Patriots members go on the annual trip, the trip, though strongly encouraged, is not a requirement.

Patriots Staff

Chris Ravndal, Executive Director & Music/Brass Instructor 

Caitlin Icart, Color Guard Instructor

Drew Morrisette, Band Director/Music

Tyler Shipe, Marching Instructor/Drill Writer 

Dan Wenkel, Drumline Instructor

What does it cost to be in Patriots?

Activity fee

Each school determines its own activity fee.  SLP students pay $200.  SAV students’ activity fee encompasses most of the per-pupil cost and is dependent on the total number of students participating.  We estimate initially that it will be around $200.  


The annual trip cost varies yearly.

Tradition - Commitment - Excellence

Participating in the Patriots Marching Band is a significant but not overwhelming commitment.  Many kids work nearly full-time summer jobs and never miss Patriots.  Many other Patriots participate in school sports or activities, as well as summer sports.  The Patriots Marching Band is regarded by many as one of the finest groups of young people at both schools.  The commitment, hard work, and passion of Patriots members over the years have established a tradition of high achievement and a first-class reputation for excellence.  Patriots alumni look back with pride on their Patriots experience as being extremely worthwhile, memorable, and fun.